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Individual/Group Lessons (Zoom/Skype available)

• Teaching methods devised from Estill vocal techniques

• Explore self-expression and creativity 

• Build confidence in your voice in order to tell your own story

• Breathing and support techniques

• Ear training

• Phrasing and musicality

• Microphone technique

• Understand your vocal range 

• Regular practice technique

• Repertoire

“Rachel was hugely encouraging and, amazingly, instilled in me a tiny element of self-belief. It was the first time I’ve ever had a singing lesson and it was a massive eye-opener” Ken McNab, singer & journalist (Herald)

"Rachel is a fantastic teacher and her enthusiasm for singing is infectious.

Rachel has an amazing voice herself and you can tell she truly wants the best for her students. She really listens and can pinpoint your trouble areas so well and then gives very clear instructions on how to improve these.

As Rachel is a performing artist herself, she has often give me extremely helpful advice on the overall delivery of my songs and how to get the best from a recording studio session. I have no hesitation in recommending her to you as a knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated teacher, who gets results." Pauline Walmsley

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